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At Snow Medical we will invest in the next generation of exceptional, visionary, biomedical research leaders through the Snow Fellowship. Our mission is to support outstanding mid-career researchers to build exceptional, high impact multidisciplinary research programs and teams

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Our pivotal program, the Snow Fellowships, targets emerging global research leaders that show the potential to drive, manage and influence the next generation of health and medical innovation. The Snow Fellowship provides these emerging leaders the independence to focus on their research, build their research team, and establish leadership experience.

The Snow Medical Research Foundation invests in truly outstanding people. We support the next generation of emerging research leaders and their teams to build multidisciplinary programs that will change the face of healthcare in Australia and globally.

We support outstanding Australian health and medical research teams to develop the leadership knowledge, tools, cures and policies that will have local and global impact.


The Snow Family

Canberra and the 
Snow family

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